"I only have to enter the tower and walk up the stone spiral stairway leading to my writing room to find inspiration. I imagine all the women who have trodden those same stairs over the century, wondering about their lives and loves. To think, there were people living in my house before Shakespeare was born!

Although she has learned much about French history, it's the Regency era, which Gloria feels she has the greatest affinity. This she attributes to her Clifton roots and a passion for the novels written in that time.

"I love the eloquence of speech and the manners of that time, and the characters portrayed. I am grateful to all those authors who have fed my passion, authors like the late, great Georgette Heyer, but, for me, Jane Austen reigns supreme, and Mr Darcy will always be THE perfect romantic hero. I always have my copy a Pride and Prejudice with me when I'm travelling and I never tire of reading it.

   Reading a Romantic novel should be a like settling down in a comfy chair with a box of chocolates: a treat with which to indulge oneself. I think it's so important to dream and to hope, and if a Romantic novel allows us to do this then the author has fulfilled their obligation to the reader. My aspiration is to do likewise." 

If Gloria Burland's work is new to you, here is the gist: British born Gloria was born in Clifton, Bristol, which is the setting for her Regency novels.

A freelance writer, Gloria has been published all over the world, but started her writing career in Greece where she ran a successful restaurant and piano bar on the island of Mykonos; a favourite haunt for many of the world's celebrities.

From Greece she moved to Los Angeles, interviewing stars for celebrity magazines in England and Australia before returning to Europe and settling with her partner, Clive, in France in a 15th century manor house which, she says, is a perfect environment when writing historical novels.

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